With the popularity of DVI and HDMI™ equipped components
and the compatibility of HDMI with the DVI format it is
essential to have a proper interface between these
The KIMBER KABLE HDV cable is an HDMI cable with a DVI
connector at one end and an HDMI connector on the
opposite end.
The cable is non-directional and incorporates larger gauge
main conductors for uncompromised signal transmission and
compatibility. To enhance the performance of today's digital
electronics, KIMBER KABLE paid special attention to preserving
the integrity of these delicate digital signals. Picture quality,
in particular, will enjoy vivid image clarity and deep,
accurate colors.
The KIMBER KABLE HDV cable has also been optimized to work
at longer lengths than was previously thought possible.


Preise erfahren Sie unter info@kimber.de

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