The proven KIMBER KABLE Ultraplate™ connectors are precision machined out of solid metal stock and feature a solid Fluorocarbon® dielectric. All of this along with tthe split center pin and ground sleeve ensures solid signal connections resulting in a wonderfully detailed and accurate audio and video presentation.
WBT®-0110 nextgen™
The new nextgen™ RCA type connector is designed with a true 75 ohm characteristic impedance and incorporates many innovative performance features such as: ultimate conductivity, ultra rapid signal transfer, elimination of eddy current, and extremely wide band response. Available as an upgrade on many KIMBER KABLE® interconnect cables. The nextgen™ connector is available with pure copper contacts (WBT®-0110Cu) or with fine silver contacts (WBT®-0110Ag).
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BNC and 'F' Type Connectors
Only the finest connectors available are offered. The BNC and 'F' type connectors are custom made featuring high tolerance and superior gold plating.
S-Video Connector
Designed for use with components requiring S-Video (separate Y/C) type connection. Our high-quality component type S-Video connector provides a solid connection for superb picture quality.
Studio Grade XLR
"Studio grade" Switchcraft™ XLR type connectors feature silver plated contact pins.
This connector is used on the Kimber OPT-1 Toslink™ optical cable. Toslink™ is the most common fiber optic connection used on consumer electronics products. Our connector is designed to provide a secure contact with anti-resonant properties.