Our standard SPD 1/4" spade connector provides a high quality connection that is far superior to cheap gold-plated spade connectors.
This patented spade lug is made from ultra-pure copper. A unique feature of this connector is the compressible wafer between the contacts, which maintains dynamic pressure on the binding post. This prevents an increase in impedance due to vibration or temperature changes. Pressure ridges insure a gas tight contact and dramatically reduces contact resistance. The plating is our proprietary Ultraplate™ finish. Available as PM25 (1/4") and PM33 (5/16").
Patent #5,108,320

WBT®-0660 (1/4") and WBT®-0680 (5/16")
High current spade lug with elastomer shock absorber for progressive contact pressure eliminating structure-born and air-born noise as well as magnetostriction. Fully insulated body is safe to use and conforms to international safety standards. Color code: red or white. Also available in both copper and silver.
Int. Pat. #19,813,370.709
Int. Pat. #49,811,554.2
Patent #6,319,078
Patent #D437,830
Patent #5,108,320
A good banana plug, both mechanically and electrically. It is convenient, affordable, and sounds very good. You can expect years of worry free performance from this classic 4mm plug.
Midline straight banana plug with robust design. The outer sleeve is finished in matte black. High contact pressure insured due to the expanding inner spike. Termination is accomplished using the WBT® crimp technique.
This CE compliant innovative banana plug is approved worldwide as a loudspeaker connector, due to the safety pin design (International Patent Pending). Fully insulated, high contact pressure due to the expanding inner spike. Easy on hand operation. Extremely compact. The sloping angle is easy on cable and equipment. The WBT-0645 is stackable for bi-wiring.
Int. Pat. #29,703,602.5
Topline straight banana plug with expanding inner spike for high contact pressure. The sleeve is finished in polished ruthenium. Fitted with two Torx™ screws (T6) for secure crimp connection as well as cable straign relief.