Ultratike™ and Ultraplate™
At the heart of these connectors is the Ultraplate™ contact surface. The Ultraplate™ surface provides high conductivity, great durability, and is compatible with all other plating surfaces. The Ultraplate™ connector, which is precision machined out of solid metal stock, also features a solid Fluorocarbon® dielectric and split center pin for enhanced performance.
Studio Grade XLR
"Studio grade" Switchcraft™ XLR type connectors feature silver plated contact pins. These precision connectors are an available option on all KIMBER KABLE analog interconnects.
Shorter and slimmer version of WBT®-0144. With same patented locking mechanism and finish. Unique layout of Fluorocarbon® insulated solder points for easy termination. Color code: red or white. Maximum cable diameter, 7.8mm / 0.307".
Int. Pat. #0 460 145
Multi-layer plating process, with a final plating of 24 karat gold. Patented WBT® locking mechanism, barrel finished in matte black. Slotted center pin. Fluorocarbon® insulation. Strain relief captured with Torx™ screw. Color code: red or white. Maximum cable diameter, 9mm / 0.354".
Int. Pat. #0 460 145
Top-quality plug with high copper content. Ultra-fine machining. Unique multi-layer duplex plating process, with a final plating of 24 karat gold. Patented WBT® locking mechanism, provides both adjustment and locking functions.
WBT®-0110 nextgen™
The new nextgen™ RCA type connector is designed with a true 75 ohm characteristic impedance and incorporates many innovative performance features such as: ultimate conductivity, ultra rapid signal transfer, elimination of eddy current, and extremely wide band response. Available as an upgrade on many KIMBER KABLE® interconnect cables. The nextgen™ connector is available with pure copper contacts (WBT®-0110Cu) or with fine silver contacts (WBT®-0110Ag).
Patent pend. 102 58 689.6-34
Int. Pat. #0 460 145
Patent #5,226,841
SME™ 90° DIN Connector
An extremely well-built 90° angled connector for tonearm phono applications. When selecting the SME 5-pin DIN connector as an upgrade to our TAK phono cables please specify the indexing of the pins. A "0°" index has the index pin parallel to the cable, a "90°" index has the index pin perpendicular to the cable.
DIN Connector
A high-quality 5-pin DIN connector that comes standard on our TAK tonearm cables.